Be Guided and Supported through the Medical Medium 369 Liver Cleanse.

I have personally completed this amazing cleanse a number of times now, each time I experience new and amazing results. The results have included improved skin, reduction and absence of eczema, deeper sleep, less cravings, more energy, more regular and consistent bowel movements, weight loss that I had previously been unable to shift, brighter eyes, brighter faster mind and happy state of mind.  

I have also had the privilege of guiding individuals through this cleanse who have experienced the same outstanding results.  So other results reported have been a loss of constant hunger, a loss of constant thirst that had lasted years, improved energy, improved sleep, elevated moods and more.

This Medical Medium 369 Liver Cleanse is whole food based rather than supplement based, this makes it affordable and accessible to all.

Next Cleanse intake:

Friday 27 November 2020

Join me as I guide you and support you through your own 369 Liver Cleanse.  You will receive a printable workbook 2 weeks before the cleanse starts to give you plenty of time to order speciality foods like Barley Grass Juice Powder and Pitaya/Dragon Fruit.  Included in the workbook is where I order from personally and my tips and tricks for making the cleanse fun and enjoyable.  All meal plans for the 9 days will be set out for you.  

Investment: $111NZD

A juicer and high speed blender to make this cleanse more enjoyable.

Richards Cleanse Experience

I felt really connected to myself and my health throughout the cleanse and almost felt younger with a clear mind and more energy.  I have kept up the morning routine since coming off the 9 days.  Loved it!

Simple Whole Foods

On the 369 Liver Cleanse you start each day with a Lemon Water followed by Celery Juice and then a Liver Rescue Smoothie, all of these are simple and plesant.  I personally love how the mornings are simple and light.  There is a focus on healthy fruit and lots of leafy greens throughout the cleanse.

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